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Hi! My name is Rahmaan Phillip, and I am a violist, violinist, and composer from Las Vegas, NV. I began playing viola when I was 10 years old, and haven’t put it down since. I later picked up the violin while I was in college studying music. While most professional classical musicians know from a young age that they want to pursue music as a career, it wasn’t until a chance trip to Carnegie Hall during my senior year of high school that I would decide to take music seriously. Up until that point, I had been the last chair violist, with no interest in music. That trip would change my life and light a fire under me. Since then I have practiced diligently every day (which I still do to this day), and music has not only saved my life, but has shown me the world!

I am proud to say that I have toured the United States and internationally, as both a soloist and as a band member with various acts including... 



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